It's time to open people's mind to accept that astrology used to be the most importance in making critical decisions for the King in the old days. Nowadays, people still accept astrology to be a part of their decision making.

Moh Paisarn is one of the top five astrologers in Thailand.
Moh Paisarn is a penname of Mr. Pramoj Pittapundu. He was born in 1934, Ubonratchathani Province in the Northeast of Thailand.

He has earned his 12 grade from the School of Art in Bangkok. One day, he met an old astrologic monk who foretold about his future. This seemed really amazed him. He started to ask the monk if he could learn how to foretell people's life. That monk insulted that he would never learn even for the next 10 years. That really sparked into his mind and became the starting point of his astrologic career.

Since then he began to study in astrology from the National Library for 6 years, then studies on his own from both prehistoric and historic events by based on Chinese, Western and Eastern astrology. Now it's been almost 30 years that he has been working and studying on people's life. All people's life becomes his statistical data and his textbook that nobody can buy from anywhere.

Now Moh Paisarn is the first innovator on having his own web site with horoscope on-line. He has been a columnist for Ploy Kam Petch Magazine and Yearly Pocket Book. He also join hand with Samart Infomedia Co., Ltd. an Audio Tec Provider to provide the horoscope on the Home phone at 1900-1900-14 and 2-Weekly horoscope on GSM 2 Watts with AIS and more. With his success on his career, he is now thinking of creating new product that no one has ever think off. Please wait and see.